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The organization of public space around the world is undergoing significant changes. Now architects are increasingly trying to create new forms using inspiring examples of the past and of the present. In such a way, wine restaurants appear where there are no tables, and the guests are placed in a kind of amphitheater, where they can freely communicate and have fun. Former planes and trains turn into hostels and restaurants, and old abandoned factories are becoming places for loud techno parties and art performances.

Technopolis of Athens is an example of such an improving of an industrial object. It is the abandoned building of the gas factory, which had been supplying the city with light and heat during 130 years. Now it got a second wind and serves as an art space where various events are regularly held. This is an extremely successful solution, because it prevents from appearing of an unusable object within the city and has a special inspiring atmosphere.

Technopolis is not only the only building of its kind in Greece, but also a cultural hub where children's master classes, interactive seminars, local radio broadcasts are held, and new start-ups are developed. Technopolis in Athens hosts over 800 events every year, most of them are free of charge.

Technopolis is dedicated to the memory of the famous Greek composer Manos Hatzidakis. Eight buildings that are functioning on its territory are named after poets: Andreas Empirikos, Agelos Sikelianos, Yannis Ritsos, Kostis Palamas, Takis Papatsonis, Konstantinos Kavafis, and Kostas Varnalis.

The building has its own symbol — the sculpture “the Ball of the Millennium” by Nikos-Giorgos Papousidis.

Today you can find such objects inside Technopolis:

  • Gas Museum, the displays of which are scattered throughout the territory. The fans of urbanism and complex mechanisms will appreciate chimneys, stoves, gas meters, pipes, valves and other items;
  • a store with non-trivial items where you can buy jewelry, clothing, shoes, and industrial-themed decor items. Here are the things of Yannis Gikkas and other popular designers;
  • a modern park for children over 6 years.

The two major annual festivals, the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival and Full moon fiesta are held here.

Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival was first held in 2001. Its active providers were the government of Athens together with the embassies and other institutions of the European Union countries, which are located in Greece. At that time, only Greek performers were taking part in it. This continued until 2011, when the festival became open and accessible to musicians from all over the world. It was that year when the festival received the name by which it is currently known.

In 2015, there was one more change. Now, along with the concerts in Technopolis, you can attend educational master classes, photo exhibitions, and flea market. The festival has gradually became something more than a regular musical event. Its goal is to unite the music lovers from all over the world, introduce the new-fangled trends in the world of jazz music to the Greek audience and to strengthen cultural ties with different countries.

Since 2001, more than 250 international and Greek bands have performed on the Technopolis stage, as well as more than 2 550 solo artists from Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Israel, the Netherlands and Cyprus.

Full moon fiesta is one of the most beautiful festivals in Greece. It has been held since 2016 and introduces famous and little-known artists to the Athenians. All this is accompanied by performances of musicians. Every year the festival is updated with new side events.

We should also mention the educational component of Technopolis. It often hosts summer children's camps, which children aged 6 to 12 years can attend for free. During 4 weeks, they study Natural Science, Mechanics and design robots, get acquainted with art and draw their first masterpieces, study Biology and a number of other necessary things while playing.

Among other events of Technopolis in Athens are the exhibitions where entrepreneurs from all over the world get acquainted with both Greek-made products and world brands. The Athens Bar Show is particularly popular. The queue for this event appears a few hours before the official opening. Each visitor is given a glass (this is how the organizers take care of environmental protection). The guests are tasting the Athenian vermouth, gin, aged wines, while strolling between the stands, and representatives of major companies perform on the stage with fascinating lectures about the promotion of alcoholic brands in the 21st century, the difference between Dutch and British gin, and the ways to make vermouth.

The coffee exhibition is very popular as well — here, you can not only try coffee drinks from different parts of the world, but also learn secrets from professional baristas.

You can get to Technopolis by buses No. 035, 049, 856, by tram No. П2, П2А, П3В or by metro.


  1. It is always interesting to visit Technopolis. Even if you miss a major international festival, you will still enjoy your staying here.
  2. If you are an entrepreneur, we strongly recommend you to visit INNOVATHENS, which is the business system technology transfer center supported by Samsung Electronics Hellas.