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Mikrolimano Harbour is a heavenly beautiful nook and the most photographed location in Athens that will appeal to everyone who likes discovering awesome places, freshly cooked fish, Greek coffee, and vibrant nightlife. It is located northeast of the Piraeus peninsula, bordering on the Neo Faliro coastal area.

Best of Mikrolimano Athens Greece

The harbor has a centuries-old history. During the times of Ancient Greece, this place was under the protection of Artemis, in honor of which people built the temple here. Nevertheless, the most interesting thing about this site is the number of its names. There were five of them.

The Greek Mikrolimano Harbor, also known as Fanari and Koumoundourou, was formerly known as Turkolimano. Nowadays, it is a popular travel destination. People called it Fanari during the Byzantine times. Chances are that its first name resulted from the existence of the lighthouse by the entry to the harbor. The second name – Turkolimano – was given to the site during the Greek revolution of 1821. In translation, it meant “the Turkish harbor.”

In the XX century, it got the name of Koumoundourou. In recent years, there was the Koumoundourou villa at the southern edge of the harbor. After its demolition, people constructed the Yacht Club of Greece in its place. In 1967, the port got the name of Mikrolimano. Thus, the Greeks showed that it was their territory that was released from Turkish rule. And, as you have probably guessed, now its name means “small harbor.”

Mikrolimano Harbour is a picturesque place. It is always crowded with visitors. This location blends the shout of the seagulls, the whisper of dozens of yachts and sailing boats, and the air, saturated with flavors of local delicacies. Do you have any ideas? Of course, it is seafood. One can speak about it with gusto and for hours. There are many small cafes and restaurants that will gladly treat you with shrimps, Dorado, and lobsters.

Some of them have open terraces, and you can hear the oil frying in the chip fryer. Other venues are more expensive and enclosed with glass. Nevertheless, through those windows, you can see a sumptuous interior with the Greek color. Walking along the promenade, you can meet a lot of photographers and salesmen offering souvenirs. Yea, it is a real pleasure to take a walk here. Nevertheless, if you seek for exceptional panoramas, you should climb the hillside area.

Its restaurants will impress you with both amazing cuisine and the possibility to admire fairy landscapes through the windows or from the summer terrace. Both of them offer a view of the harbor and Athens. You can savor the Greek wine here all day long and see the white ships coming and leaving from the port. Besides, you can take a sea voyage via one of them or rent the entire sailboat for the entire day.

Getting around

Almost all streets in the city are interlinked and form a comprehensive straight road network system. There are many road signs. Moreover, local inhabitants are always glad to tell you the right way to the promenade and vice versa.

To get to the port area, you need to catch a train to Piraeus. After you reach it, leave the station, and go up the escalator to the bridge, crossing the road. After that, you should turn left from the sea and walk until you find a bus stop. Then, you need to catch the №20 trolleybus and have a ride till the stop “Skala” or “Mikrolimano.” After you leave the vehicle, walk down the steps. A few minutes later, you will see Mikrolimano.


  • the port is an excellent place for a romantic walk or a date;
  • we recommend that you come to Mikrolimano in the evening. Yes, it will be very crowded then. Nevertheless, only in the evening you can admire spectacular sunsets and try freshly-caught fish.
  • on the way to Mikrolimano, you will see the Zea harbor through the window of the trolleybus. It is rather small and is of no interest to a traveler. Thus, you can pass it by without making a stop there;
  • catching a taxi is the fastest way to access the harbor. At the same time, it is very expensive. Moreover, it will make it impossible for you to enjoy the authentic charm of local residents in public transport. They are very colorful and friendly;
  • do not listen to pieces of advice given by local taxi drivers and headwaiters who always name specific restaurants. In most cases, these venues are very expensive and pay certain percent for each client following the recommendations;
  • Agnanti, I Stoa Ouzeri, Deniz Meze, Atlantikos, Taverna Aris, and Ouzeri tou Laki are one of the best budget-friendly venues in the harbor;
  • if you plan to go hiking, you should put on comfortable footwear;
  • if you do not want to get sunburn or sunstroke during a walk on hot weather, you should necessarily take a sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and a sunhat.