Kolonaki Square
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In the central part of the capital of Greece, near the southern slope of mount Lycabettus, one of the most famous districts of Athens is located — the elite Kolonaki district. This is a place of a bustling social life of Athens: trendy restaurants, cafes and bars, boutiques and hotels, museums and galleries are everywhere. And right in its heart Kolonaki square is located.

Historical facts

The most fashionable district of Athens got its name from an artifact, which was discovered in this area — literally "Kolonaki" is translated as "a small column". The column that had been found is a two-metre long structure. It was restored and now it is located in the center of the square. Initially, the area was just an open space with an installed column. But around 1890, the first planting zones began to appear, and a few years later, the square itself was designed.  

After a while, the square acquired the name of Filiki Eteria ("Πλατεία Φιλικής Εταιρείας") — in honour of the secret organization "Society of Friends", which supported Greek independence. Despite this, the area is known by the name of Kolonaki among local residents.  

What to see

The central square of the Kolonaki district — the square of Filiki Eteria — bears the name of the secret organization "Society of friends” that was founded in Odessa in 1814. Three Greek men became its founders: Nikolaos Skoufas, Emmanuel Xanthos and Athanasius Tsakalof. Some time later, the society moved to Constantinople; it united thousands of people from different countries and of different classes with a common goal — to subverse the Ottoman rule in Greece and to create an independent state. Today you can see the busts of all the three founders of the "Society of friends" on the square of Filiki Eteria. 

Now Kolonaki square seems to be an island, surrounded by expensive shops, popular cafes and busy bars. This place is perfect for a quiet break during a dynamic day. You just need to take a seat in a cafe or restaurant, order a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch and then just enjoy the atmosphere of a luxurious district, which has something very reminiscent of Paris.

Neoclassical and modern buildings dominate in the architecture of Kolonaki district. Here you will find many green areas. And a large number of fashionable boutiques and expensive restaurants give the district a touch of aristocracy. Despite the fact that Kolonaki is considered to be the most expensive area of Athens, a large number of people come here for shopping. Things are humming here day and night.

Kolonaki square is located northwards of the National garden of Athens and of Syntagma square — it is just a 15-minute’ walk away. You can reach the heart of the district along Kanari street in the west, Koumpari street in the south, Kapsali and Patriarchou Ioakim streets from the south-east and north-east; the street of Skoufa leads to the northern side of the square.


  • A walk around the square will not take you much time, so take a chance to get acquainted with the Kolonaki district itself — with its shops, boutiques and department stores.
  • After enjoying a cup of coffee in the elite district, go to enrich your inner world — just a 15-20 minutes’ walk to the south and to the south-east of Kolonaki square there are the Benaki Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art. In the National Garden of Athens, which is located to the south-west from the square and can be easily reached on foot, you can walk along shady paths, breathe fresh air and admire unique species of plants. 
  • If you are going to walk for a long time, do not forget to put on comfortable shoes and take a headdress.